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What if golf was being taught backwards?

The E-bell was created based on a simple proposition.  Maybe grip, stance, posture and position are not the fundamentals?  Maybe your own athletic motion is the fundamental and everything else is a variable.  Maybe it's time to stop trying to fix your swing and just encourage it to emerge.

Golf's Most Comprehensive Training Aid

Most training aids attempt to address one aspect of the swing at a time.  The problem is, when that one aspect is altered the other parts of your swing no longer work.  The E-bell is different.  Its  planer shape and unique handle allow the user to both feel and see an ideal swing path and clubface orientation at the same time.  Its heavy weight teaches the user the timing and sequence of a powerful effortless body-driven swing.  Rather than conforming to an external model, the E-bell allows a swing to emerge that's unique to you and your individual attributes.  The E-bell is not only the most comprehensive golf swing trainer, it's also the most flexible, simple and intuitive.    

It's also fun and good exercise.  Try the trainer now being used by top teachers around the world. 

  Check out E-bell golf on YouTube        for more information.

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The E-bell is design as a fundamental trainer.  It can be used to teach the golf swing to an absolute beginner or used to build a new golf swing from the ground up.  While most training systems start with grip, stance, and posture; The E-bell system has you learn a solid, effective, and properly sequenced movement first and then adjusts the static elements of grip stance and posture  for your own individual motion.  Check out my YouTube channel to learn more.    

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